Radio Syndication

I am lucky enough to be able to handle the shows of some of the most talented dance music DJ's and producers - both new talents and true icons. This was a lengthy process in finding the best clients, often times dependent on word of mouth to developing networking ties. I believe the amount of referral I have received in this process is a testimony to the quality of my service. Year after year I have developed a network of more than 200 FM radio stations around the world. Not only are they radio partners, but also great friends located all across the planet. I also market my shows on some airline companies such as British Airways, KLM, Iberia. Lufthansa and Emirates Airways. These outlets allow me to reach an audience of millions on a weekly basis. In my experience I have launched, branded, produced, organised special content and of syndicated shows. What your needs are, I am sure I can accommodate them.

Worldwide radio syndication
radio show coordination

Digital marketing

I don't just work in music, and I also have clients in other fields of the entertainment business. Social media presence has become increasingly important in our technologically dependent world. I am constantly working with successful people to develop their brands - investigating the best ways to give visibility to an individual's career and goals. I have been involved with a lot of brands to organise cross promotions on social media and remuneration via clever social media placements, understanding the change of social media. Staying on top of the newest social media trends and developments means reaching an audience that is genuinely going to make a difference into an individual's career.


With my large network of radios and experience with handling a plethora of shows, it is very easy for me to promote new music. I am always eager to pitch some of the singles I enjoy and believe in to the radio stations I like.

Steve Aoki

“When I first started making a weekly radio show, the original intent was for an American audience based solely Sirius XM. Andrea helped take that show and expose it to millions more fans around the world, syndicating it on over 50 stations globally. It’s allowed me to break my own records as well as the records of my friends and those on my label Dim Mak. You can’t put a price on something like that.”


“We love working with Andrea. He is super professional and passionate!”

Alexander Ludwig

“Andrea Fiamberti's dedication, persistence and hard work have been instrumental in the creation of my current social media platform. His knowledge of the industry combined with his skill, marketing and connections make him a front runner in the industry today.”


“Working with Andrea has had a huge impact on the success of my career – he lives and breathes electronic music, he understands not just the music, but also the business. Most importantly he is a good person. I trust Andrea, and I don’t say that for many in this industry.”

Dakota Laden

“Andrea Fiamberti’s dedication, persistence and hard work have been instrumental in the creation of my current social media platform. His knowledge of the industry combined with his skill, marketing and connections make him a front runner in the industry today.”

Cosmic Gate

“We are super happy about Andrea being a part of our team! He is very passionated and does a great job.”

Hugo Mayhew

“Andrea is probably one of the kindest and happiest people i know..! It’s almost impossible to not to get along with him. What’s great about Andrea is how he consistently proactive, always searching out for new opportunities and ideas of things to do to help develop my social media. It’s a pleasure to be working with someone who finds an interest in what you do and back that up with true competence in getting things done.”

Tara McDonald

“In 2012 I was approached by FG Radio in France to create my own weekly dance music radio show that I called “I Like This Beat”. The show is now in 40+ countries, 50+ FM Stations, onboard Emirates airlines and availble as a podcast on iTunes, DJ Pod & Mixcloud as well as appearing on various dance blogs. Andrea Fiamberti started this journey with me from the beginning and has been here every step of the way, he was able to syndicate the show globally and is always on hand with a fresh approach and a positive attitude. No challange is to big or to small, I basically tell him what I want and he does his best to make it happen! After working together so closely over the years our relationship is more like family now!”

Caroline DAmore

“Andrea has gone above and beyond what most people would do in a work situation . He is always willing to help and come up with ideas to further my fan base and get my show out there. He gives helpful feedback and his honest opinion which is hard to come by in this industry . My show is better because of him and has been heard all over the world because of his hard work and true love for what he does.”

River Viiperi

“I was very lucky to bump into Andrea on social media, we basically started working together right away! He’s a very professional young man who likes to get creative, motivate and help others. I have known him for quite a few years now and am very excited to see what the future has for us in the many years to come. #WorldDomination”

Judge Jules

“I trust Andrea’s judgment and industry knowledge. If you’re looking for someone with a wide-ranging knowledge of the radio industry and syndication, Andrea would be at the top of my very short list.”

Chai Romruen

“There are absolutely no words that could describe Andrea, All I’m going to say is that I am one lucky human being to know him, you will understand what I’m saying when you meet him.”